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Silicon nitride optical properties

Unlike with Fizeau Interferometer, the need for an application of film on the backside of thin transparent wafers has been eliminated.Semicon West is an important semiconductor and microelectronics industry event, and will feature emerging developments in 450mm technology, MEMS, advanced packaging, 3D IC and more.We will also be exhibiting at Semicon West July 14-16, 2015 in San Francisco, California.From the initial RFQ stage, through to completion and shipment of your order, Valley maintains close communication with its customers to ensure that the order goes through smoothly, quickly and professionally.This year's international trade fair and congress will be its 22nd, and features optical technologies, components, systems and applications. polishing, optical polishing , oxide layer polishing, precision lapping, precision polishing,sawing, shaping, singulating, slicing, superpolishing, thinning, ultra-sonic drilling, ultra-thin optical polishing and dicing, wafering, waveguide facet polishing .Patented non-contact Optical Interferometer for measuring flatness of thin, transparent wafers, windows and substrates by interferometric comparison to an optical reference flat.Annealing, backgrinding, bonded wafer thinning, chamfering, CMP polishing, coating, cryogenic stress relieving, custom CNC machining, cutting, dicing, drilling, edge and angle optical polishing, hole drilling, individual die and module thinning, lapping, lasering, O. 1737 Glass, 7070 Glass, 96% Alumina, 99.6% Alumina, AF45, Al ON, Aluminum, Aluminum Nitride, B270, Barium Fluoride, BK7, Brass, Cadmium Telluride, Carbide, Ceramics, Composites, Copper, Cordierite, Crystals, D263 Glass, Eagle Glass, Ferrites, Filter Glasses, Fused Silica, Fused Quartz, Gallium Arsenide, Garnet, Germanium, Glass, Gorilla Glass, Graphite, In Ga As, Indium Phosphide, Lanthinum Aluminate, Lithium Fluoride, Luag, Macor, Magnets, Metals, Mg O, Mg Ti O3, Mica, Molybdenum, Nickel, Niobates, Oxides, PEEK, PLZT, PZT, Pyrex, Quartz, Roulon, Sapphire, Silicon Carbide, Silicon, Single Crystal Quartz, Soda Lime Glass, Stainless Steel, Steatite, Teflon, Titanates, Titanium Carbide, Tungsten, Zerodur, Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulfide, Zirconia, and others.Aluminum Nitride substrate material with its excellent ability to dissipate heat up to 200 W/m K, is the answer to the present trend toward miniaturization of high power microelectronic circuits and other high thermal hazard-free applications.

Valley operates 30,000 square foot facilities in Shirley, Massachusetts, and from EST to PST offers superior customer service and technical sales assistance.The exhibition is held at the Messe Munchen, and Valley will be at Booth #B1.127.Valley Design will be exhibiting at LASER, World of Photonics in Munich Germany June 22-25, 2015.Valley has in stock Al N substrates and Al N wafers with thermal conductivity of 175 W/m K and 200 W/m K to meet a variety of specification requirements.We will be displaying a wide variety of product samples including: Valley Design is an ISO 9008 certified manufacturer, and is committed to customer satisfaction and to continually improving our products, services and the internal procedures which make our business run.

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